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This policy outlines the operation of the Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) in Victorian government schools.

The Tutor Practice Guide has been updated to reflect arrangements for the delivery of TLI in 2024. This is available on the Resources tab.

For information about 2024 TLI funding, please refer to the 2024 Student Resource Package confirmed guide, available at Student Resource Package – Overview: Resources.


The Tutor Learning Initiative (TLI) provides government and low-fee non-government schools with funding to employ tutors to deliver targeted small group learning support to students who need it most.

The focus of the TLI is on the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy, which are critical for success in school and life.

Students selected for support through TLI may have complex learning and other needs. Tutoring through TLI is intended to build upon and be integrated with existing supports as part of a whole-school approach to learning intervention.

The Guidance tab includes information on:

  • tutor arrangements – information on the role of a TLI tutor, eligibility criteria to be employed as a tutor and guidance on how schools employ tutors
  • student identification – including pre-identification based on NAPLAN performance, and criteria and assessment advice for selecting other students to receive TLI support
  • program design – guidance on designing a TLI program, including in-class and out-of-class models, and the frequency of tutoring sessions
  • assessment – advice on using a range of assessment tools to monitor student learning growth
  • monitoring requirements – guidance on monitoring requirements, including coding of tutors on eduPay and tagging students on CASES21.


Schools can contact their regional office student achievement managers (SAMs) with queries relating to delivery of the TLI.

In addition to SAMs, schools can direct queries as follows:

Department policy outlining how schools may engage tutor support through the Tutor Learning Initiative for the 2021 school year

Reviewed 09 April 2024

Policy last updated

12 February 2024


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  • School councils


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