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TLI Implementation Continua

The TLI Implementation Continua (Word) (the Continua) is designed to support schools to reflect, self-evaluate, and track their progress towards TLI implementation. The Continua includes 6 dimensions describing the TLI policy parameters and related guidance. Each dimension is unpacked across 4 levels of proficiency to support school self-assessment and setting of developmental goals.

The Continua can be used to guide collective discussions between student achievement managers and school leaders, classroom teachers and tutors to: 

  • self-evaluate their current TLI implementation and small group learning practice and understand what improved practice looks like 
  • engage in reflection, inquiry and conversations about improving TLI implementation  
  • sustain 2021 TLI implementation learnings into 2022 to support sustainable small group learning.

Professional learning

Professional learning webinars – the TLI Arc channel includes a series of free webinars designed to provide guidance and support to tutors, principals, school leaders, and regional staff in the implementation of TLI. Registration for webinars is through the Arc TLI page. This will be updated throughout the year as additional professional learning is made available to support schools and tutors. Webinar recordings are available to access throughout 2021.

The TLI Hub (staff login required) – the TLI Hub contains professional learning modules with key information for tutors, including professional reading and links to webinars. The modules cover the essential requirements of tutors as well as guidance and resources to enhance small-group teaching skills. Additional modules will be added to the TLI Hub over time and will be accessible throughout the year.

Identifying students to support through the Tutor Learning Initiative

School leaders, teachers and regions may use the following resources to identify students to support through the Tutor Learning Initiative:

Recruitment assistance

Recruitment Online Help for Recruiters (staff login required) includes a training tutorial video, frequently asked questions and instructions on how to search the talent pool and appoint applicants who have expressed interest in employment as a tutor.

Information for families

The Department has prepared resources to support schools to communicate with their school community about the Tutor Learning Initiative and how it may impact their child’s learning in 2021 and 2022, including:

Letter to families of identified students

Schools can choose to use this template letter to notify families of students who have been identified to receive additional support through the Tutor Learning Initiative. The letter can be modified to include information about the school’s selected practice approach, frequency of small group tutoring sessions and curriculum focus.

Please note that school leaders may need to consider if this letter requires translation into a language other than English or if the English version requires tailoring to best meet their local context and community’s needs.

General initiative information letter

Schools can choose to distribute the general initiative information letter to families through their regular communications channels (for example, as part of their newsletters, learning management systems and emails) or use it to answer questions or concerns about the Initiative. Versions of this letter translated into 34 community languages and an Easy English version are available below.

School leaders can tailor the English version of this resource to best meet their local context and community’s needs. Please note that if schools choose to tailor the English version of this resource it will not align with the translated version.

Resources for the Tutor Learning Initiative 2021

Reviewed 04 October 2021

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