• A Standard 7 to 10 contract (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) is to be used by schools for enrolling years 7 to 10 students in re-engagement programs. The contract template includes a responsibilities matrix, to outline the roles and responsibilities of the school and the provider. All students attending a re-engagement program must have a standard 7 to 10 contract in place between the school and the provider.
  • Accompanying the standard 7 to 10 contract is a new Contract cover sheet (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) that must be signed by the enrolling school principal and endorsed by the regional director. This cover sheet includes a provider registration check to be completed by the school.
  • Fact sheet: Re-engagement Programs (Years 7 to 10) (DOCX)External Link – this fact sheet resource provides an overview of processes and requirements for schools, providers, students and their parents or carers, for accessing Re-engagement Programs.
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Reviewed 30 January 2024

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