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Transition – Early Childhood to School


This policy sets out the role of schools in planning and managing the transition process, including Transition Learning and Development Statements, for students moving from early childhood services to school.


Supporting a positive start to school

Starting school is a big milestone for children and their families. The transition between learning environments can be both challenging and exciting. A positive start to school, leading to greater and ongoing connection with school has been identified as a factor in disrupting cycles of social and economic disadvantage, and in promoting resilience among young people.

Supporting students to successfully transition from their early childhood learning setting to the school setting requires professionals to actively foster responsive relationships with each child and their families, as well as with each other, recognising the importance of continuity and consistency while acknowledging change.

A key component of a positive transition is for schools to review each child’s Transition Learning and Development Statement (the Transition Statement). The Transition Statement helps to connect early childhood services, schools, Outside School Hours Care services (where applicable) and families all working together to support transition into school and the continuity of learning for each child. Completed annually by early childhood teachers, the Transition Statement has been designed to assist families and educators share information and specific strategies that can support each child’s learning and development into their Foundation year.

When supporting children to transition from early childhood settings to school, Victorian government schools must follow the processes outlined under the Guidance tab. The guidance includes information on transition statements, obtaining access to online transition statements for new Foundation students, and working with families (including the child) as an integral part of the transition process.


For the purpose of this policy, transition is the process of supporting continuity of learning for a child moving from early childhood to school.

Department policy setting out the role of schools in planning and managing the transition process for students moving from early childhood to school

Reviewed 03 January 2024

Policy last updated

4 January 2024


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