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This policy sets out how schools access Student Support Services and how this service works as part of the Department’s multi-disciplinary Area team supporting schools and students.  


  • Access to Student Support Services (SSS) is managed through a referral process by a student’s school through the school’s SSS Key Contact Officer. This process is outlined in the Student Support Services Referral Process in the Student Support Services Handbook (refer also to the Resources tab).
  • The school must obtain informed consent from the student’s parent/carer where the referral is for direct support to a student or group of students prior to SSS delivering the service. The consent form is available in multiple languages in the Resources tab.
  • The school must record the referral in the Student Online Case System (before the referral is assigned to SSS).


Student Support Services (SSS) teams are comprised of professionals including:

  • psychologists
  • speech pathologists
  • social workers

They support schools in assisting children and young people facing barriers to learning to achieve their educational and developmental potential.

SSS staff work as part of an integrated health and wellbeing team within each area, focusing on providing:

  • workforce capability building for school staff
  • group based and individual support
  • the provision of specialised services

Area teams use the Department's Student Support Services Handbook (also available in the Resources tab) to support local delivery arrangements. The Handbook supports principals and the Department's areas and SSS team members to implement the delivery model for SSS. 

The Handbook offers guidance to SSS team members regarding working in area teams, working in portfolios and responding to area and SSS priorities. For schools, the Handbook defines the case referral approach and how schools can engage with the work of the SSS.

Relevant legislation

SSS contacts

Your assigned Area SSS Branch Manager or SSS Key Contact Officer for information listed on the Regional Maps contact list (staff login required).

Department policy setting out how schools access Student Support Services and how these services work as part of the Department's multi-disciplinary Area team supporting schools and students

Reviewed 24 November 2021

Policy last updated

15 June 2020


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Contact the assigned Area SSS Branch Manager or SSS Key Contact Officer set out at the foot of the page

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