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Family Violence — Information for Employees


The Victorian Government is committed to creating a culture that supports respectful relationships, practices positive attitudes and behaviours and promotes a culture of non-violence in all workplaces, including the Victorian public sector. The Government is also committed to support all public sector employers to develop and maintain workplaces that support victims of family violence.

Family violence is defined in the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) and includes physical, sexual, financial, verbal, psychological or emotional abuse by a family member.

The Department is committed to ensuring an employee experiencing family violence is supported in continuing employment and to meet the normal requirements of their life. Providing such support to employees benefits the Department through promoting a culture free from all forms of violence, the retention of valued employees and demonstrates the Department's commitment to human rights as a departmental value.

There are forms of leave and other support available for employees who experience family violence, or who may be supporting a person experiencing family violence. Information on leave and supports available can be found in the Department's Family Violence — Information for Employees Policy and the supporting documents on the Resources tab. This Policy is aimed at ensuring an employee experiencing violence or abuse in their family life is supported and to allow them to be absent from the workplace to attend counselling appointments, legal proceedings and other activities related to, and as a consequence of, family violence.

An employee who discloses that they are experiencing family violence should be assured of confidentiality, and referred to the supports available to them.

An employee experiencing family violence, or their manager, may contact the Department's Workplace Contact Officer Network or their People Services consultant for advice.

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Family Violence — Information for Employees Overview

Reviewed 28 May 2024

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1 February 2023


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