Personal leave is available to an employee when they are absent due to illness or injury, or to care for an immediate family or household member who is sick and requires the employee’s care and support or who requires care due to an unexpected emergency, or who is supporting a person experiencing family violence in order to accompany them to court, to hospital, or to care for children.

Employees are credited with 114 hours personal leave on full pay on commencement of employment. Personal leave accrues at the rate of 114 hours on full pay for each completed year of service. Employees employed on a part-time basis have access to the personal leave provisions on a pro-rata basis according to the time fraction worked.

Prior service with an approved employer may be recognised for personal leave purposes. In this case personal leave credits will be calculated as if the approved prior service had been with the Department including the deduction of any personal leave taken during the period of prior service.

The Personal Leave Policy Guide — Teaching Service, in the Policy and Guidelines tab, provides further information on the following areas:

  • personal leave entitlement
  • applications for personal leave
  • medical assessment
  • effect of other leave on personal leave

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Outlines Department policy and procedure for employee Personal Leave – Teaching Service

Reviewed 15 February 2023

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15 June 2020


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