Roles and responsibilities

Employees are responsible for:

  • familiarising themselves with and complying with this Policy
  • making reasonable efforts to provide a safe workplace for themselves, other employees and workplace participants
  • developing a supportive environment to encourage other employees to come forward for help and support
  • respecting privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of any employees or colleagues who are experiencing family violence

Employees who are experiencing family violence:

  • familiarise themselves with this Policy
  • discuss the situation with the Department’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider or a family violence support service
  • discuss the issue, where appropriate, with their principal or manager or a more senior manager, People Services Consultant, Workplace Contact Officer or union delegate to determine departmental supports available which are available
  • discuss and agree appropriate options including the development of a Workplace Support Plan with their principal or manager
  • ensure an emergency contact person who is outside their immediate family (and not involved in the family violence) is listed on their personnel records
  • where a family violence intervention order (or other relevant court order) is obtained, consider requesting to include the workplace, and keep a copy on hand at all times. Consider providing a copy of that order to their principal or manager

Principals and managers are responsible for:

  • familiarising themselves with this Policy and where appropriate participating in relevant training about supporting employees who are experiencing family violence
  • maintaining appropriate confidentiality and privacy in relation to disclosures of family violence
  • seeking advice and guidance from People Services and, or Manager Assist program if required
  • providing information about supports and services available to an employee who has disclosed they are experiencing family violence
  • assisting employees to develop a Workplace Support Plan where applicable
  • implementing reasonable measures to manage the actual or potential work-related impacts of family violence and providing a safe work place for employees
  • complying with any commitments agreed to in a Workplace Support Plan and keeping this plan securely
  • checking with the employee that their emergency contact details have been amended to include someone who is outside their immediate family (and not involved in the family violence)
  • making reasonable efforts to help employees who need time for medical and legal assistance, court appearances, counselling, relocation, or to make other safety arrangements as a result of experiencing family violence
  • submitting any family violence leave application provided by the employee to People Services
  • organising flexible working arrangements in accordance with relevant departmental policies
  • recognising the impact that family violence issues may have on an employee’s performance at work and take this into consideration when assessing performance
  • notifying the police where a criminal act has occurred or is threatened to occur
  • accessing and understanding family violence leave support materials and training opportunities for principals or managers provided by the Department
Roles and responsibilities for Family Violence — Information for Employees

Reviewed 14 May 2020

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