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Resources for student attendance during COVID-19

COVID-19 attendance codes are now included at the beginning of the Absence and Attendance Recording Guide which can be found in the Resources for recording and monitoring attendance section.

Template on-site attendance form for parents/carers who require on-site learning during period of mandatory remote learning:

Student attendance guidance 

To help schools improve attendance

Policy template, information and strategies for improving attendance

Case studies on improving attendance

Attendance information for parents

Resources to support communication with parents about the importance of school attendance and managing absences

Attendance information for students

Resources to help students to understand the importance of attendance and where they can get help if they are struggling with attendance.

Resources for recording and monitoring attendance

Resources to support the accurate recoding of attendance data CASES21 and third party software:

For more information on using CASES21, refer to: CASES21 Portal (staff login required)

Resources for managing student absences

Resources for following up absences

Resources to support implementing attendance improvement strategies

Resources to support the use of attendance improvement strategies and support students in returning to school



Support from regional offices

Health and wellbeing officers in regional office are able to support schools in following up on student absence and attendance issues. They can also provide advice on the appropriateness of making a referral to a school attendance officer.

Regional contact details

For advice and support in managing issues relating to attendance, contact your  regional office.

Referring to a school attendance officer

Reporting concerns for student wellbeing

Where a student and their family may need the assistance of family services, consider making a referral to Child FIRST, see: Making a referral to Child First

Where there may be a serious impact on the student’s immediate safety, stability or development, or a student has suffered or is at risk of immediate harm, consider making a report to Child Protection, see: Making a report to child protection

Resources page containing supporting resources and links for this topic, including templates and regional contacts

Reviewed 05 September 2021

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