The purpose of this policy is to provide an overview of the objectives and support provided to schools through the Technical Support to Schools Program.


  • The Technical Support to Schools Program (TSSP) provides specialist technicians to deliver onsite scheduled support for school and Department information and communication technology initiatives.
  • Every school is assigned a service delivery manager (SDM) and a weekly allocation of technical support hours.



The Department of Education and Training provides the TSSP to assist schools with their information technology support requirements. The program was established in 1999 and annually provides over 900,000 hours of onsite technical support. This support is delivered by over 700 specialist technicians (ST) engaged by the TSSP via the department-established and managed supplier panel.

Each school has a SDM assigned. SDMs are responsible for the day to day management of the TSSP but also provide schools with a single point of contact for all information technology programs and services provided by the department.

Support allocations

The TSSP provides a weekly allocation of technical support hours to each school calculated annually using the February enrolment census data.

Visitation schedules

  • ST visitation schedules provide each school with a clear understanding of when their ST will be onsite and the number of support hours to be delivered
  • The schedules are designed around the number of schools and hours assigned to the ST and where possible the needs of each school
  • Each school should be provided with their visitation schedule once it has been approved by the SDM

TSSP Workforce Management System

  • The online TSSP Workforce Management System (WMS)External Link (staff login required) allows schools to monitor the delivery of their support allocation
  • STs are required to accurately log their support times on a weekly basis using a central timesheet module within the WMS
  • Schools are required to provide electronic approval of ST timesheet entries as soon as requested
  • Principals have default access to the WMS to approve timesheet entries and may delegate access to any appropriate staff member
  • If a timesheet entry is marked as ‘not approved’, the SDM will be automatically notified and will contact the school to resolve any issue
  • STs are expected to use school systems to sign in and out to support schools with their day-to-day personnel management

Specialist technician resourcing

  • STs are sourced from the TSSP Supplier Panel. The panel is established by Victorian Government Tender and managed by the department
  • The ST selection process is managed at the school-level and coordinated by SDMs who represent the TSSP

Specialist technician direction

  • A key aspect of the ST role is to deploy and support the Department's information and communications technology (ICT) projects and initiatives. However, most of their time will be spent supporting the specific ICT direction of your school
  • It is recommended that the ST has a single point of contact within your school who coordinates their day-to-day activities

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Technical Support to Schools Program

Department policy on the objectives and support provided to schools through the Technical Support to Schools Program

Reviewed 23 February 2023

Policy last updated

25 January 2022


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