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Holocaust Education – Delivery Requirements


This policy outlines the requirements for Holocaust Education in school-based curriculum programs in Victorian government secondary schools.


All Victorian government school students must be taught about the Holocaust as part of the school’s Level 9/10 World War II History curriculum program.

Schools are expected to align the design and delivery of their Holocaust Education program to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) and the guidance and tips provided in the Guidance tab of this policy, which have been developed with teachers who are currently teaching the Holocaust in Victoria and Holocaust Education experts from Victorian, national and international organisations and universities. This guidance identifies 8 characteristics of a quality Holocaust Education program:

  1. Program is clearly and comprehensively aligned to the Victorian Curriculum: History.
  2. Program is logically sequenced and thematically rich and explores the significance of the Holocaust.
  3. The Holocaust is taught with all essential components.
  4. Program is factually accurate, rich in primary source material, and incorporates Victorian-specific content.
  5. Learning resources used are well designed and varied.
  6. Program has experiential components.
  7. Pedagogical choices enable deep learning, are sensitive to the particularities and complexities of the Holocaust, and are inclusive of diverse learners.
  8. Assessment opportunities are appropriate, varied and engaging.

The Guidance tab also identifies common barriers to designing and delivering a quality Holocaust Education program and suggests solutions and provides links to support resources.

The Resources tab contains links to capacity building resources for teachers, including professional learning opportunities and background reading/viewing as well as teaching and learning resources.

It is against the law in Victoria to display the Nazi Hakenkreuz symbol or perform gestures such as the Nazi salute in public, however, schools may utilise resources that contain the Nazi symbol or Nazi salute when teaching Holocaust Education, or for other genuine educational purposes. For further information, refer to Teaching and Learning Resources – Selecting Appropriate Materials, and About the Nazi symbol banExternal Link .

For Holocaust Education classroom teaching resources, including learning objects, sample lesson sequences and links to student experiential programs, refer to Holocaust EducationExternal Link on FUSE.

Department policy outlining the requirements for Holocaust Education in school-based curriculum programs in Victorian government secondary schools

Reviewed 11 January 2024

Policy last updated

7 December 2023


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