This page contains links to capacity building resources for teachers, including professional learning opportunities and background reading/viewing as well as teaching and learning resources.

Holocaust Education teacher professional learning

Refer to Holocaust Education teacher professional learningExternal Link on the Holocaust EducationExternal Link FUSE page.

Holocaust background reading/viewing for teachers

Refer to Teachers’ background readingsExternal Link and viewing on the Holocaust EducationExternal Link FUSE page for readings, virtual tours, video explanations and survivor testimony.

Holocaust learning and teaching resources

For Holocaust Education classroom teaching resources, including sample lesson sequences (for History Level 9-10, and the English Level 9 learning areas), teaching resources (video explanations, virtual tours, graphic organisers, maps, survivor testimony, imagery, poems, artwork) and links to student experiential programs, Refer to Holocaust EducationExternal Link on FUSE.

Resources for the Holocaust Education — Delivery Requirements policy

Reviewed 08 April 2021

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