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Curriculum Programs Foundation to 10


The following resources are provided to support Victorian government schools with school-based curriculum programs across Foundation to Year 10.

Minimum standards for school registration 

  • The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority Guidelines to the Minimum standards and requirements for school registration outlines that schools are required to provide all students with a planned and structured curriculum to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to complete their schooling and to make a successful transition from school to work, training or further education. 

F-10 Curriculum planning guidelines

Victorian Government priorities and Departmental policies

The Department provides additional support to schools to strengthen curriculum planning as part of the Framework for improving student outcomes (FISO): continua of practice within the dimension of curriculum planning and assessment

The Department’s whole-school guide to curriculum planning (login required) provides practical support for teachers, instructional leaders and school leaders to plan and implement the curriculum at every layer of the school. The Guide also provides links to an extensive range of resources, case studies and templates that teachers, instructional leaders and school leaders can draw upon when they are doing this work.

The Department provides information on the Victorian teaching and learning model (VTLM) and its elements to support schools’ to enact their curriculum programs.   

For information on the minimum time allocation for physical and sport education in Victorian government schools, refer to: Physical and Sport Education — Delivery Requirements

For information on the requirement to have a language program delivered across all year levels, refer to: Languages Education

For information on the requirement to include the Holocaust as part of the school's curriculum program, refer to: the Holocaust – teaching and learning resources

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