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COVID-19 — Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion Workforces


This guide is intended to bring together key operational information for region and area-based Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion Workforces (HWIW) in relation to COVID-19. Please refer to the Resources tab for links to the relevant Victorian government and Department websites, policies and supports for this topic

Given the evolving nature of the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this advice is subject to change.

HWIW comprise:

School employed health and wellbeing staff collaborate and work with HWIW to provide support to students and teachers at each school.

The advice presented here is designed to be read in conjunction with the COVID-19 advice for Victorian government schools. All staff are encouraged to review the School Operations Guide to understand the operations of schools.

This guidance replaces all previous guidance provided to HWIW.


For general advice schools should contact their Health and Wellbeing Key Contact in the first instance.

For general advice regarding the work of HWIW, schools and HWIW should contact the Inclusive Education Professional Practice Branch at

For enquiries related to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Department staff and managers are advised to contact the OHS Advisory Service on 1300 074 715 or

Advice for department COVID-19 — Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion Workforce Support for Schools information

Reviewed 21 February 2023

Policy last updated

22 October 2021


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