School operations

Student Resource Package — Managing the Budget


School student resource package (SRP) interactive site (requires password) 

To see budget and planner reports for principals and delegates, login to student resource package

Current SRP guidance

Salary and related expenditure

  • SRP Portal (staff login required) — contains school specific SRP information and actions (i.e. for submitting salary amendments, credit cash transfers)

Relief staffing and the SRP


  • SRP Budget planner (available in the SRP Portal — (Staff login required) — the SRP Budget Planner is a dynamic planning tool enabling principals to enter and change enrolment data, which then informs funding allocation. This assists schools to forecast and plan for expenses such as those arising from hiring new teachers.
  • Planner Overview (PowerPoint) — for more information about the SRP Budget Planner.
Resources page containing supporting resources and links for this topic, including a link to the SRP Portal

Reviewed 06 December 2021

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