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Student Resource Package — Managing the Budget


Some of the SRP reports are listed and described below.

School Budget Management Report


The School Budget Management Report is a one-page summary of budget allocations and projected expenditure for your school relating to the current calendar year. It shows the school’s financial position including the projected surplus, or deficit, as at 31 December based on current salary commitments.

The report also provides information on:

  • the surplus from previous year
  • total credit to cash transfers
  • total cash to credit transfers

Credit Items

This is a report for analysis of expenditure against budget. The report provides:

  • year-to-date expenditure broken down into staffing
  • classifications and on-costs
  • the projected credit budget position by offsetting projected salary commitments
  • previous year surplus brought forward
  • credit to cash and/or cash to credit transfers undertaken

Schools that finish the year in a deficit will have that amount deducted from the next cash grant after the annual reconciliation.

Cash Items

This report details the annual cash grant budget items provided to the school. It also includes processed credit to cash, cash to credit transfers and the long-term leave premium deduction. ‘Outside Global Budget Items — Section 3’ is included in this report and provides information relating to staff on long term leave or pay in lieu of long service leave. Outside global budget items are not charged to the school.

Salaries Fortnightly Transaction Report

The Salaries Fortnightly Transaction Report (available through the SRP Portal) displays the salary transactions for each staff member and the year-to-date salary expenditure and payroll liability projected to the end of the calendar year. The payroll liability is based on current information recorded in eduPay. Included at the end of the report are items that have been charged outside SRP, that is not charged to the school.

Employee Charging History Report

The Employee Charging History Report (available through the SRP Portal) itemises the history of salary charges for individual employees, for each fortnight, expenditure year to date and a projection to the end of the year. The report is based on current eduPay information.

Guidance chapter on SRP reports including School Budget Management Report, Salaries Fortnightly Transaction Report and Employee Charging History Report

Reviewed 16 December 2020

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