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Student Resource Package — Managing the Budget

6  Reconciliation

A reconciliation process is undertaken at the end of the calendar year to verify each school’s Student Resource Package (SRP) budget and expenditure position. This process is completed in order to finalise any surplus amount to be carried forward, or deficit amount to be recovered.

Schools that do not sign off their school’s position hold up the process statewide, as the reconciliation requires every school in the state to finalise the process before surpluses and deficits can be confirmed.

  • What to check
  • Attestation

What to check


Schools should review their budget details report after any change and forward enquiries to the relevant contact in the policy unit or region.

Program for students with disabilities

Schools may be provided with funding through the Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD). This information should be reviewed in the Program for Students with Disabilities Management System (PSDMS). All PSD funding queries can be submitted via the DET Services Portal (select 'log a request' and choose 'PSDMS').


The cleaning allocation for a school is based on the physical dimensions of the buildings and the schools enrolments (visit Contract Cleaning). Schools should ensure that their school information in the Atrium system is correct to ensure that they are receiving the correct cleaning budget. 

Salary expenditure

Schools should ensure that they have been charged correctly for all staff at their school in their SRP by monitoring fortnightly reports when they are published.

Credit to cash or Cash to credit

Schools should ensure that there are no outstanding cash to credit or credit to cash amounts remaining at the end of the year. This can be done by checking the Credit and Cash Transfer Status report for your school. If there are outstanding requests, a correction should be made during the reconciliation attestation process to cancel the outstanding amount of the request.


The end of year attestation process represents recognition by the school principal that the school’s SRP position is correctly shown in the reports or that the position will be represented correctly factoring in nominated corrections and amendments. 

During the reconciliation period, only adjustments submitted via the reconciliation attestation process will be investigated, and no adjustments will be made to the school reports until after the reconciliation is submitted. When completing the attestation process, a principal has two options:

  1. Attest 
    The SRP reports, as shown, accurately reflect the end of year position for the school and no amendments need to be made.
  2. Attest with corrections and amendments
    If corrections or amendments need to be made, you can submit your attestation with corrections or amendments attached. These corrections or amendments will then be investigated by Schools Finance and Resources Branch staff and appropriate action taken.
Guidance chapter on managing the budget reconciliation process

Reviewed 16 December 2020

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