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10 Enrolment variation funding

Significant variation

Significant variation funding is included automatically to the term 3 cash grant, after the mid-year census. It is designed to provide additional cash funds only to schools where there has been an increase in student numbers of:

  • Primary —the greater of 10 students or an increase of 10%
  • Secondary — the greater of 40 students or an increase of 10% 

Only 2 terms equivalent funding will be provided based on the minimum per student cash rate and once assessed will appear in your reports as an item under the ‘Curriculum Support’ budget line by end of Term 3.

For example:


Enrolment Increase = 10
Cash Rate = $469
Additional Funding = Enrolment increase × Cash Rate / 2
= 10 × $469 / 2
= $2,345


Enrolment Increase = 40
Cash Rate = $524
Additional Funding = Enrolment increase × Cash Rate / 2
= 40 × $524 / 2
= $10,480

Additional Funding post February census that must be supported by the Regional Director of the relevant region.

Additional credit funding may be considered where a school can demonstrate the establishment of new classes after February census significantly increased costs as a result of additional student numbers. Schools must also demonstrate that additional staffing costs are unable to be accommodated within the existing budget.

The request should be made in writing to the respective regional director and should include a business case outlining the detail of the enrolment growth and subsequent requirement to add an additional class after February census and the subsequent employment required to teach the additional class. Employment details must include teacher name, PIN number and date of employment, which must be post census.

The business case will be assessed by the Schools Finance and Resources Branch and a decision will be conveyed to the school and relevant regional officers.

Guidance chapter on enrolment variation funding

Reviewed 17 January 2022

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