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SRP budget planner

The SRP budget planner (available through the SRP Portal) is a modelling tool to allow principals and other school planners to model the impact of enrolment variations and other changes impacting the Student Resource Package (SRP), and build an overall workforce plan that acknowledges current salary commitments for staff and considers the affordability of planned changes. The planner allows schools to develop three-year plans. It includes useful analytical tools and graphical information.

It is important to remember that the SRP budget planner is a modelling tool, not a personnel or payroll system. It can model a school’s planning scenarios, but it does not interact with the eduPay payroll to amend personnel and payroll data. Actual payroll amendments need to be made directly onto eduPay.

The planner provides salary projections and estimates using current payroll parameters, such as classifications, time fractions, increment dates and appointment dates. Certain eduPay entries may not be reflected in the cost projections, particularly those relating to salary reassessments, arrears, or other payments that are independent of these payroll parameters. For this reason, the 'current' year-to-date figures shown in the planner may, on occasion, vary slightly from the actual expenditure shown in the School Budget Management Report.

For more information refer to Planner Overview

Guidance chapter on the SRP budget planner

Reviewed 27 May 2020

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