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Student Resource Package – Targeted Initiatives

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Link Schools are funded to lead cross school collaboration activities to support the system-wide spreading of effective and impactful PLC practices in Victorian government schools.


There are 51 PLC Link Schools in 2023. These schools are distributed across the state and include a combination of primary, secondary, P–12 and specialist schools.

PLC Link Schools are identified by regional offices via a rigorous selection process, with selection endorsed by the Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Services (SRS).

PLC Link Schools receive $75,000 in cash via the SRP. Cash is provided to enable flexibility in how funding is utilised. Cash funding can be converted to credit as per the established process if the school wished to support time release of a PLC Link Leader.

PLC Link Schools will be on one of 2 funding schedules. If unsure of the timing of your SRP allocations, please contact the PLC Unit directly.

Schools are required to acquit the use of funds to the department via:

  • completing a PLC Link School Implementation Plan and submitting during Term 1, 2023
  • monitoring completion of activities in the Plan each term
  • recording all PLC Link School cash expenditure against a school defined CASES21 sub-program code in the 7050 to 7056 range. Please title the nominated code 'PLC Link Schools'.

The PLC Link School Accountability Documentation Guide provides guidance on schools’ responsibilities to acquit SRP funding. PLC Link Schools are provided a copy of the guide upon appointment.

Support and monitoring

PLC Link Schools are supported and monitored by Area PLC Managers. PLC Link Schools work with their PLC Manager to evaluate and diagnose area needs, set goals for impact, develop and plan intended supports to other PLC schools, and implement and monitor the impact of the plan.

The PLC Unit, Performance Division, SRS provides state-wide capability building and resources for PLC Link Schools, and monitors impact at the system level.

More information

For queries regarding PLC Link Schools, please email:

Please contact for access to the PLC Link Schools Handbook and PLC Link Schools Accountability Documentation Guide.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Link Schools (Ref 122) - Guidance for department Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives

Reviewed 21 June 2023


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