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Student Resource Package — Targeted Initiatives

Innovative Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Programs (Reference 135)

Innovative ITE programs seek to boost the supply of teachers in Victorian government secondary schools, particularly in outer-metropolitan, rural and remote locations and in priority subject areas. The department is working in partnership with 5 universities to attract and train local teachers for eligible secondary schools: Australian Catholic University (ACU), Deakin University, Federation University, Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

Department-funded scholarships are payable to students in the ACU and Federation University (2022 program only) programs to provide them with financial support during the period of intensive study and address barriers to participation in ITE. Scholarships will be paid to students by host schools as an element of the host school’s support for them.


  • Secondary Schools
  • P-12 Schools (only the secondary component of the school)
  • Specialist Schools are now eligible in 2022. The VIT require PSTs to undertake placement in mainstream schools prior to employment consideration in a specialist setting. For more information on specialist schools participation, please contact the team on

Specifically, schools must be hosting students as part of this program to be eligible for this allocation.

Secondary (including primary/secondary) and specialist schools that are hosting students participating in the ACU and Federation University (2022 program only) innovative ITE programs.

Funding will be allocated in instalments in April (out-of-cycle) and August (indicative cycle) through credit funding and is calculated at the school level.


Only schools hosting students participating in the ACU and Federation University innovative ITE programs will receive $15,000 per student hosted.

Example: An eligible school hosts a Federation University student and an ACU student in 2022. This school will receive a total of $30,000 ($15,000 for the Federation University student and $15,000 for the ACU student).


$15,000 per ACU and Federation University student hosted.

Please note the allocations do not include payroll tax and superannuation and will not attract these charges in the SRP Budget Management report.

Reference 135 of the SRP Guide, providing information on Innovative Initial Teacher Education programs

Reviewed 02 January 2023

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