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Structured Workplace Learning

Student debriefing after a placement

Schools are encouraged to provide students with the opportunity to debrief after their placement. This will involve reflecting on:

  • their learning in the workplace
  • the impact on career planning
  • how their experience can assist them to prepare their pathway plans or portfolios
  • their work readiness
  • comments made by the employer/supervisor on the evaluation form

Structured Workplace Learning Coordinators/other relevant staff are encouraged to collect written or verbal feedback from employers, parents/carers and staff members. These comments provide insight into the value of the placement for the student from the perspective of parents/carers and employers.

Structured Workplace Learning Coordinators and other relevant staff should encourage students to share their experience with other students. At the conclusion of the structured workplace learning placement, students should be encouraged to write a letter of appreciation to the employer/supervisor.

Chapter in the Structured Workplace Learning Guidelines on debriefing activities after a placement including student reflection on the experience, as well as collecting feedback

Reviewed 27 May 2020

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