Interstate placements

New South Wales and South Australia

Reciprocal arrangements exist for Victorian students to undertake structured workplace learning in New South Wales and South Australia. These arrangements are primarily for students in those schools situated in regions adjoining the border Victoria shares with those states.

Students should be strongly encouraged to find work placements in their own state and interstate structured workplace learning should only be arranged as a last resort — i.e. where in the judgement of the principal no suitable local placement exists or where there are special educational reasons for making such an arrangement.

A school’s responsibility for its students undertaking structured workplace learning in New South Wales and South Australia is the same as if the student were undertaking their placement in Victoria.

Permission is no longer required from the New South Wales Department of Education or the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development for interstate structured workplace learning. These placements must be made using the arrangement forms attached to Ministerial Order 55, and available on the Resources tab.

All Victorian students undertaking structured workplace learning in New South Wales or South Australia are covered under the Department’s WorkSafe Insurance and Public Liability Insurance policies.


  • Victorian students are not paid while undertaking placements in New South Wales and South Australia. On the Structured Workplace Learning arrangement form, the line 'Rate of payment' should be crossed out and the words 'Interstate placement — payment not required' written.
  • Placements should only be made within New South Wales and South Australia school terms.

Other states and territories

A principal may only make a structured workplace learning arrangement with an employer in a state or territory, other than New South Wales and South Australia, if the principal is satisfied that it is appropriate for the arrangement to be made. The principal should be satisfied that:

  • it is in the interest of the student for the structured workplace learning to occur
  • that the physical and moral welfare of the student will be assured, and
  • the student or the parent/carer of the student (where the student is under 18 years of age) has made suitable insurance arrangements ensuring:
    • cover for the student for any injuries in the course of the arrangement at least comparable to that applicable in Victoria to a student under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 (Vic), and
    • public liability insurance coverage of at least $10 million cover per event in respect of any loss or damage which may be caused by any act or omission of the student whilst engaged under the arrangement

Students and parents/carers are at liberty to approach any insurance company to obtain details of insurance that will provide this cover.

Note: International structured workplace learning placements are not allowed under any circumstances.

Chapter in the Structured Workplace Learning Guidelines on requirements relating to interstate placements for structured workplace learning

Reviewed 27 May 2020

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