Structured Workplace Learning Guidelines

These guidelines support schools to comply with Ministerial Order 1412 – Structured Workplace Learning Arrangements. They contain the following chapters:

  • Overview
  • Required age of students
  • Structured workplace learning arrangement form
  • Timing and duration of structured workplace learning
  • Cancellation of structured workplace learning
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements
  • Assessment of structured workplace learning arrangement
  • Student debriefing after a placement
  • Payment and taxation
  • Privacy legislation and structure workplace learning
  • WorkSafe and public liability insurance
  • Interstate placements
  • Overseas students
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Contacting students during the placement
  • Student safety and welfare
  • Students with disability and additional needs
Table of contents page for the Structured Workplace Learning Guidelines

Reviewed 09 November 2023

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