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Student Resource Package — Core Student Learning Allocation Funding (Student-Based Funding)

Student per capita funding Years Prep-12 students (Reference 1)

In the Student Resource Package, the majority of funding provided to schools has been specified as per-student rates (i.e. in student per capita form).

Research conducted by The University of Melbourne has allowed the differing costs associated with delivering effective educational outcomes at the various levels of learning to be recognised by differing rates. The relativities are an initial assessment of the most effective way of allocating existing funds. These relativities may be adjusted over time through further research and a rolling benchmark process.


Schools with the following campus types are eligible for the student per capita funding at campus level:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Primary/Secondary Combined
  • Community.

Funding is calculated at the Indicative, Confirmed and Revised budget cycles. Funding is allocated through credit and cash funding.


Student per capita funding = Student enrolments (P-12) × Student price

Example: A campus with 62 Year 2 students would calculate their funding as 62 (Year 2 students) × Year 2 student price.

Rates 2023

Student per capita Years Prep to 12 students Credit ($) Cash ($) Total Student Price ($)
Prep to Year 1 8,534 565 9,099
Year 2 7,941 530 8,471
Years 3 to 6 (and Primary Ungraded) 7,301 489 7,790
Years 7 to 12 Students (and Secondary Ungraded) 9,686 545 10,231
Reference 1 of the SRP Guide, providing information on student per capita funding including eligibility, funding calculations and rates

Reviewed 02 January 2023

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