The Core Student Learning Allocation is designed to recognise the differing costs associated with different levels of learning, different types and sizes of schools, and the additional costs imposed by rurality and isolation.

The funding items within this section are:

  • Student per capita funding Years Prep-12 Students
  • Enrolment Linked Base
  • Small School Base
  • Rural School Size Adjustment Factor
  • Core Index Stages 1-3
  • Size Adjustment Supplementation
  • Approved Early Education Program
  • Principal Salary Adjustment
  • Language and Learning Disabilities Support Program
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Camps Payment
  • Autism schools – stages of schooling
  • Autism schools – dual enrolment linked base
  • Deaf facility funding
Table of contents for the Guidance on SRP funds allocated for core student learning

Reviewed 27 March 2024

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