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Student Resource Package – Core Student Learning Allocation Funding (Student-Based Funding)

Size Adjustment Supplementation (Reference 6)

The Size Adjustment Supplementation applies to all specialist schools where the number of school aged enrolments is less than the enrolment threshold.


The following campus types receive the Size Adjustment Supplementation funding at a school level:

  • Day special
  • Special developmental
  • Disability
  • Special (excluding Aurora School)
  • Furlong Park School For Deaf Children

The special developmental campuses of mainstream schools are eligible. Autistic schools do not receive this allocation.

Funding is calculated for each of the 4 school terms and allocated through credit and cash funding.


Where total enrolments at the school are less than 45 (enrolment threshold): Size Adjustment Supplementation = [45(enrolment threshold) − Core Index Enrolment] × Rate

Example: A school with 35 enrolments would calculate their Size Adjustment Supplementation funding as:
[45(enrolment threshold) − Core Index enrolment (35)] × Rate

The maximum amount funded is limited to cap listed below.

Rates 2024

  • Per student rate: $6,526
  • Enrolment threshold: 45
  • Maximum funded: $148,140
Reference 6 of the SRP Guide, providing information on size adjustment supplementation funding including eligibility, funding calculations and rates

Reviewed 31 December 2023

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