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Student Resource Package – Core Student Learning Allocation Funding (Student-Based Funding)

Core Index Stages 1–3 (Reference 5)

Core Index Stages 1–3 provides funding to specialist schools for eligible and approved enrolments based on a student's age range.


The following school/campus types receive the Core Index funding at school level:

  • Specialist Schools
  • Special campuses of mainstream schools

The following campuses/schools do not receive this allocation:

  • Deaf facilities attached to mainstream schools
  • Training Centre campuses
  • Hospital schools and campuses
  • Victorian College For the Deaf
  • Aurora School

Funding is calculated at the Indicative and Confirmed budget cycles. Funding is allocated through credit and cash funding.


Core Index allocations are determined based on census student enrolment details.

Core Index allocation = Census student enrolments × Stage funding rate

Example: A school with 10 stage 2 enrolments would calculate their Stage 2 funding as:

Stage 2 enrolments (10) × Stage 2 rate. This is repeated for all stages dependent on school enrolments.

Rates 2024

StageAge Range (at 1 January)Credit ($)Cash ($)Total ($)
15 to 1010,02682810,854
211 to 167,4456788,123
317 to 188,0857278,812


Specialist school enrolment eligibility and regional approval needs to be established for each student.

If it is deemed appropriate, a regional director has the discretion and the authority to approve the enrolment of a student that does not meet the specialist school’s enrolment criteria.

For the Indicative budget cycle, total enrolments are sourced from the Principal Projections and distributed by existing age profiles. If Principal Projections totals are not provided, existing totals will be rolled over.

For the Confirmed budget cycle, total enrolments are sourced from the February Census.

Reference 5 of the SRP Guide, providing information on core index allocation funding including funding calculations and rates

Reviewed 25 March 2024

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