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Autism schools – dual enrolment linked base (Reference 149)


Dual enrolment linked base for autism schools is applied at a campus level. Funding eligibility is calculated at the Indicative and Confirmed budget cycles. Funding is allocated through credit and cash funding.

The following schools are eligible for enrolment linked base funding calculation:

  • Bulleen Heights School
  • Eastern Ranges School
  • Jacana School for Autism
  • Jennings Street School
  • Niddrie Autistic School
  • Northern School for Autism
  • Southern Autistic School
  • Western Autistic School


Calculating a campus’ enrolment linked base funding is a 3-step process. First, determine which ‘tier’ the campus enrolment falls into. Second, use the tier to calculate the ‘tapered rate’. Third, use the tapered rate multiplied by total stages of schooling enrolment numbers to determine the final enrolment linked base funding. See more detailed instructions below.


[% to compare]Percentage of students aged 12 and over at the campus
[Total enrolments over 12]Total FTE enrolments at the campus aged 12 and over.
[Total enrolments]Total FTE enrolments at the campus.
[SoS total enrolments]Total enrolments funded via Stages of Schooling.
[Tier cut off]The cut-off point for the tapering calculation, changes depending on the tier the campus falls into.
[Tapered rate]The per-student rate to apply within the Base, before being adjusted for tapering.
[Taper]The per-students rate to use when calculating the taper (see Rates).
[Base rate]The per-student base rate (see Rates).
[Campus DELB]Campus dual enrolment linked base.

Calculating the tapered rate

Due to additional costs that are incurred with students aged 12 and over, a 2-tier tapering system is in place. The first tier applies to campuses with students predominately aged between 4 and 11, the second, campuses where the students range from 4 to 18.

Which tier a campus falls into is determined based on the proportion of its students over the age of 12. Campuses with less than 15% of students aged 12 or over have the tapered rate calculated using the 4 to 11 tier. Campuses with 15% or more of students aged 12 or over have their tapered rate calculated using the 4 to 18 tier. This can be calculated as:

[% to compare] = [Total enrolments aged 12 and over] / [Total enrolments]

The difference between the 2tiers is the cut-off before tapering is applied to the rate:

4 to 1145
4 to 1890

The overall calculation for the Tapered Rate is as follows:

If [Total enrolments] ≥ [Tier cut off] then

[Tapered rate] = [Base rate] − (([Total enrolments] − [Tier cut-off]) × [Taper])


[Tapered rate] = [Base rate]

Calculating the dual enrolment linked base

The dual enrolment linked base (DELB) is calculated using the tapered rate as determined above, and multiplying it by the number of Stages of Schooling (SoS) funded students at the campus.

[Campus DELB] = [Tapered rate] × [SoS total enrolments]


'Sample Autism School' has the following breakdown of students:

Student ageSample Autism School
Under 1240
12 and over20
Total enrolments60
SoS total enrolments60

20/60 = 33%

As the percentage is greater than 15%, we use the 4 to 18 Tier for our calculations, this means our tier cut-off is 90 students.

Tapered rate

If 60 ≥ 90 then

[Tapered rate] = $ 11,493 − ((60 − 90) × 53.09)


[Tapered rate] = $ 11,493

As 60 is not greater than or equal to 90, we end up with:

[Tapered rate] = $ 11,493

Enrolment linked base

[Campus ELB] = $ 11,493 × 60

[Campus ELB] = $689,580

Rates 2024

Enrolment linked baseCreditCashTotal
Base rate$10,900$593$11,493
Reference 149 of the SRP Guide, providing information about Autism schools – dual enrolment linked base funding including eligibility and rates

Reviewed 27 March 2024

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