9 Rent


Rent will be reviewed periodically and between tenancies by the Department in consultation with the Host School; with due consideration given to local market rents. The Department’s final determination regarding any rent review is final.


Rents are not subsidised for Teacher Tenants, and tenancies are not part of the Teacher contract of employment.



Rent payable commences from the commencement date of the lease. All enquiries concerning commencement, variation or cessation of rent should be directed to the Host School.


Under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 the Department is authorised to deduct fortnightly rental payments from staff salary. Rent will be paid by the Teacher Tenant in accordance with this provision and the signed Agreement constitutes the Teacher Tenant’s Agreement for the deduction.


Access to the Premises must not be provided until the signed Agreement has been received by the Host School and the VSBA.


Teachers are only eligible to occupy a Teacher House for so long as they teach at the Host School or another local school approved by the Principal of the Host School and/or the VSBA and remain a member of the teaching service of the Department.


The Teacher Tenant must ensure that rent is paid up to date at all times.


If rent is in arrears for 14 days or more, and the Tenant fails to pay arrears after receiving notice in writing, the Landlord through the VSBA, may terminate the Agreement on 14 days’ notice.

Permanent Teachers


As a number of weeks may elapse between the commencement of a tenancy and the first rental deduction from a salary, the rental account will initially be in arrears. For this reason, rental deductions generally commence at twice the standard rate until the account is up-to-date. Teacher Tenants should ensure that they allow for these additional deductions by setting aside an appropriate amount for living expenses during the initial period.

Contract Teachers


If a Teacher Tenant’s employment contract is concluded at the end of a semester and they wish to remain in the accommodation in anticipation of being awarded a new staff contract, it is the Teacher Tenant’s responsibility to make arrangements with the VSBA for an alternative method to pay rent during that period or give notice to vacate. The Host School must notify the VSBA that the contract has ceased.

Casual Teachers


Casual Teachers in short-term rental arrangements (of less than three months and not on the Department’s salary system) must enter a lease Agreement in the form required by the VSBA and remit rent as directed by the VSBA.


Casual Teachers are required to pay two weeks’ rent in advance before occupying the Premises, and must maintain the rent payments 2 weeks in advance by regular payments thereafter.

Chapter 9 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines oh the process for payment of rent, inclduing for contract and casual teachers

Reviewed 01 June 2020

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