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Teacher Housing

7 Assignment and Sub-letting


Tenants must not allow anyone other than their spouse, domestic partners and/or dependent person (under the age of 18) to reside in the Premises. The Tenant must not or sub-let, assign or licence the whole or part of the Premises.

Shared Accommodation


The Department may grant co-tenancy rights to two or more Teacher Tenants in respect of Teacher Housing.


Individual Teacher Tenants who share Premises with another Teacher Tenant are required to pay rental charges on a proportional basis according to the number of Tenants. Co-Tenants must make their own arrangements with respect to the payment of utilities in accordance with chapter 1, paragraph (d) Service and Utility Charge.


The Department reserves the right at any time, to require an existing Teacher Tenant to share Teacher Housing with another Teacher Tenant, should the need arise.

Chapter 7 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines on assigning and sub-letting teacher housing premises, including shared accommodation

Reviewed 01 June 2020

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