8 Condition of Property

Commencement of Lease


Except in the case of a co-tenancy, the Host School must ensure the Premises are vacant and reasonably clean on the day the Teacher Tenant is due to take possession.

If the Premises are not vacant or reasonably clean, the Tenant may seek to end the tenancy before moving in, or refuse to move in until the Premises are vacated or reasonably cleaned.


The Teacher Tenant is not required to pay rent while waiting for the Premises to be vacated or cleaned


If a residence requires major refurbishment to bring it up to a reasonable letting standard, it must not be let and the Host School representative must discuss its future use with the VSBA


Where a Teacher Tenant is entering a co-tenancy arrangement, the Host School will consult with the existing Teacher Tenant to ensure the Premises are reasonably clean on the day the new co-Tenant is due to take possession.

If the existing Teacher Tenant does not provide the Premises in a reasonably clean standard, the Department and the Host School may engage a cleaner, and deduct the cost of the cleaner from the existing Teacher Tenant in the same manner as rent.

Condition Report


A Property Condition Report must be completed by the Tenant before taking possession of the Premises and provided to the VSBA’s Property Unit.

The Property Condition Report is an extremely important document, which may be used as evidence if there is any future dispute between the parties in relation to the condition of the Premises at the commencement of the lease term.

A Property Condition Report must be completed by a Tenant at the commencement of any Agreement and by all Tenants when any new co-Tenant enters occupation of a Premises.


Property Condition Report forms are available from VSBA.External Link


The Host School must prepare a Property Condition Report at the beginning of each tenancy, noting the general condition of the Premises, including fittings and fixtures contained in the Premises.


Two copies of the Property Condition Report signed by the Host School must be given to the Tenant before the Premises are occupied.

The Tenant must complete and return the Property Condition Report to the Host School within three Business Days after moving in to the Premises.

Each party should retain a copy of the Property Condition Report for their reference.


For Teacher Tenants, a copy of the Property Condition Report must be included with the Agreement


Host schools must ensure that they retain copies of keys to the Premises and must provide a copy to the VSBA.

During the Lease


All Teacher Housing must be inspected annually by a maintenance contractor authorised by VSBA (whether tenanted or not) and a Property Condition Report completed by the Host School. A copy of each Property Condition Report must be provided to the VSBA.

Expiry of Lease


On the expiration or sooner determination of the lease, the Teacher Tenant must ensure the Premises are vacant and in a clean and tidy condition — fair wear and tear excepted.

The Tenant must remove all personal belongings from the Premises and must provide a forwarding address to the Host School.


If any personal documents or goods are left behind (Abandoned Goods), the Host School must use reasonable endeavours to arrange collection of the Abandoned Goods by the Teacher Tenant. The Department and Host School is not responsible for any Abandoned Goods.

Chapter 8 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines on condition requirements for teacher housing premises when commencing the lease, during the lease and expiry of the lease

Reviewed 01 June 2020

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