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13 Change in Employment Conditions

Change of Appointment


A Teacher Tenant appointed to a school in a different location may remain in occupation of the Premises, subject to approval by the principal of the Host School and the VSBA.


A Teacher Tenant may be required to vacate the Premises, if the Premises is required for local accommodation.

Retirement or Resignation


Teacher Tenants who retire or resign may remain in occupation of a property for up to one month after the expiration of the Agreement.

Contract Teachers


Subject to the approval of the VSBA, Teacher Tenants on contracts that expire at the end of the school year may continue to occupy the property during December and January, provided that the renewed contract for the following year is expected to be renewed prior to the new school year.


If the contract is not renewed by December of the current year but the expectation is that it will be in the New Year the school and Tenant must both notify the VSBA and arrangements made for payment of rent during that time.

Chapter 13 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines on occupation of premises where there is a change in a teacher's employment conditions

Reviewed 01 June 2020

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