Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines

Overview and table of contents

The Teacher Housing portfolio is supported by the Department, primarily as an incentive to attract Teachers to take up positions at particular remote locations.

As a result of Teacher Housing being exempt from the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) 1997 (Vic),External Link these guidelines were developed to cover the rights and responsibilities of Teacher Tenants and the Landlord and delegated officers in the Department.

This document aims to assist and support Host Schools in the allocation and maintenance of employee housing stock attached to their school.

The Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines contain the following chapters:

  1. Definitions for the Teacher Housing Portfolio
  2. Introduction
  3. Legislative background
  4. Budget and Maintenance
  5. Allocation of Premises
  6. Entering into an Agreement
  7. Assignment and Sub-letting
  8. Condition of Property
  9. Rent
  10. Tenant and Landlord Obligations during the Lease
  11. Repairs — Urgent and Non–Urgent
  12. Right of Entry
  13. Change in Employment Conditions
  14. Breach of Tenancy Agreement
  15. Vacating the Premises
Table of contents and overview for teacher housing allocation, eligibility and management

Reviewed 03 March 2021

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