2 Introduction


The Minister (the Landlord) owns a portfolio of residential properties in remote localities across five rural regions in Victoria. The Minister assumed ownership and the Department the management of the portfolio in 1996 when the Government Employee Housing Association ceased operation.


The Teacher Housing portfolio is supported by the Department, primarily as an incentive to attract Teachers to take up positions at particular remote locations.


As a result of Teacher Housing being exempt from the RTA, these guidelines were developed to cover the rights and responsibilities of Teacher Tenants and the Landlord and delegated officers in the Department.


This document aims to assist and support Host Schools in the allocation and maintenance of employee housing stock attached to their school.


The Department’s handbook Teacher Tenancy Guidelines for Renting a Teacher House, which outlines both the Landlord’s and Tenants’ responsibilities in further detail, should be referred to alongside this policy, in the Resources tab.


Historically, Teacher Housing has been provided in locations where private rental accommodation has been limited; however, changing government policy has separated housing from employment conditions. This has resulted in properties no longer being connected to teaching positions at particular schools and a move from subsidised rents.


Rents from Teacher Housing stock assists in supporting the ongoing maintenance and payment of land rates and water service and sewerage charges.


Rent will be reviewed periodically by the Department in consultation with the Host School and supported by considerations of the school community in attracting or retaining school staff.


The Department is not obliged to provide employee accommodation. Accommodation is provided on a short term basis until Teachers eventually obtain accommodation through the private rental or sales market. Leases are granted on a periodic month by month basis, and may be terminated by either party at any time on 21 days notice, and by the Landlord on 14 days notice in the event of a breach of the Agreement.


Teachers owning a home within 40 kilometres of the Host School will only be eligible as Tenants as long as there are no other Teachers requiring accommodation.


Where Teacher Housing is available and where there is a local demand for its use by Teachers, Teacher Housing will normally remain as part of the Department’s housing portfolio. However, in cases where the Teacher Housing is no longer required for accommodation or it is not cost effective to maintain specific properties, the Department may include such properties on its asset disposal program. This will be done in consultation with the Host School and the regional office.


Non-Tenanted houses retained at the request of the Host School for future use by the school and not placed on the disposal program will be the responsibility of the Host School to ensure the house is secure and maintained to a condition acceptable to the VSBA. This will be financed at the discretion of, and by, the VSBA.

Chapter 2 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines containing an overview of the key features of the Guidelines

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