5 Allocation of Premises


Principals of the Host School are usually the first contact by teaching staff in regard to availability of housing. The Host School’s principal or business manager must consult with the VSBA Property Unit, to determine availability of Teacher Housing. Host School teaching staff have the highest priority for any available Teaching Housing.


A Teacher Tenancy Application form (Form) is available in the Resources tab for the school’s use, in line with RTA practice. The Form must remain confidential and may be used for a rental history check. The Form must be used by the Host School for all applications for Teacher Housing.


The rent payable for any new Agreement must be determined by the Property Unit of the VSBA. Once the Host School is advised of the rent, it may notify the Tenant.


In general, in allocating Teacher Housing, the VSBA will have regard to the following:

  • applicants with dependents will have priority over individual applicants
  • priority will be given to Teachers requiring Teacher Housing in the town in which their Host School is located
  • the number of dependents reliant on an applicant will be considered
  • the standard and size of the applicant’s existing accommodation, together with security of tenure and distance from the locality in which they teach
  • the suitability of available Teacher Housing to the applicant’s needs
  • special circumstances indicating a need for Teacher Housing, as determined by the VSBA and
  • status of employment, i.e. permanent, temporary, part time, casual Teacher; staff are not eligible for a tenancy if they own residential property within 40 kilometers of the Host School unless there are surplus available residences. These staff will be the first to be required to vacate for incoming staff

The Host School or the VSBA may transfer Teacher Tenants to alternative properties within towns if this results in more effective management of the Department’s property assets — for example, single Tenants to one-bedroom dwellings.


Principals of Host Schools may consult other Principals to determine availability of Teacher Housing. If suitable Teacher Housing is located, the Principal of the Host School should consult with the VSBA to obtain approval of any proposed Agreement for Teacher Housing.


Teachers will remain eligible for Tenant Teacher Housing for as long as:

  • they remain members of the teaching service of the Department, and
  • teach at the Host School or at the discretion of the Host School principal, at other nearby Department schools


Sundry Tenants — Tenants not employed by the Department — are not permitted tenancies unless extenuating circumstances apply and the written consent is obtained from the VSBA.

Chapter 5 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines on the process for allocating teacher housing premises

Reviewed 01 June 2020

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