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11 Repairs — Urgent and Non-Urgent

Non-urgent Repairs


For non-urgent repairs, the Teacher Tenant should in the first instance email the VSBA’s Property Unit on advising of what repairs are required. The VSBA will not be obliged to make any such repairs but will consider each request on a case by case basis, acting reasonably.


The Tenant must continue to pay rent even if the repairs have not yet been undertaken.


If the Tenant caused the damage, the Department may require the Tenant to arrange and/or reimburse the cost of the repairs.


The Host School will contact the the VSBA who will prioritise the works if applicable. Alternatively, the Host School may organise the repairs after first obtaining permission from the VSBA.


All requests for repairs must be communicated in writing and copies of all letters, forms, and reports must be retained by the Host School and forwarded to the VSBA’s Property Unit.


When Tenants request repairs, the VSBA will provide an indication of when the repairs will be carried out. If the work has not been attended to within a period indicated the Tenant should contact the Property Unit (on the email address above) and ascertain the reasons for the delay.

Note: It is not always possible for the VSBA to arrange for non-urgent repair work to be undertaken quickly. Difficulties in securing contractors or obtaining materials in some remote localities may delay work.

Urgent Repairs


If the request is urgent (as defined in 12.12 Right of Entry), and it is not possible for the Tenant to contact the Host School, the Tenant should contact the VSBA’s Property Unit at


If the VSBA are not available (such as during the weekend or on a public holiday) and the repair is urgent, the Tenant has permission to contact a local contractor to carry out the repair (acting reasonably). The Tenant may be liable if the VSBA does not agree that it fitted the criteria.


Host Schools have permission to organise emergency repairs.


The following scenarios are considered to be urgent repairs:

  1. burst water service
  2. blocked or broken toilet system
  3. serious roof leak
  4. gas leak or a dangerous electrical fault
  5. flooding or serious flood damage
  6. serious storm or fire damage
  7. failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by the Department for hot water, water, cooking, heating, or laundry
  8. failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  9. any fault or damage in the Premises that makes the Premises unsafe or insecure
  10. appliance, fitting, or fixture that is not working properly and which causes substantial water to be wasted

    Serious means that the damage is such that it presents a risk of further damage to the Premises or surrounding properties or presents a risk to the Tenant

Programmed Maintenance


Programmed maintenance may include works such as internal/external painting, gutter and roof repairs, re-carpeting and kitchen or bathroom renovations. The VSBA will use reasonable endeavours to attend to programmed maintenance when the Teacher Housing is untenanted, but reserves the right to complete any programmed maintenance during the term of an Agreement if the Department determines it is reasonably necessary or desirable.


If the Premises is programmed for any major maintenance, the Tenant will be notified of the proposed time schedule. Depending on the extent of the work to be undertaken, some disruption to the household will inevitably occur during the work. Every effort will be made to minimise the disruption.


Requests for meeting alternative accommodation costs will not be considered and rent is payable during the program.

Planned maintenance also includes the servicing of air conditioners and heaters once a year and the clearing of gutters. The Host School is responsible for planning and arranging this maintenance work to be carried out.

If a Tenant refuses access for booked contractors for planned maintenance of which the Tenant has been provided notice, the Tenant will be liable for any call out fee billed to the Department or Host School. This includes charges for any travel costs charged by a contractor to the Department or Host School.

Chapter 11 of the Teacher Housing Property Management Guidelines on the process for urgent and non-urgent repairs, inclduing programmed maintenance

Reviewed 24 March 2021

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