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Remuneration — Teaching Service

Remuneration or salary on expiry of contract or tenure

The principal class Principal Contract Renewal Guidelines provide information regarding the salary range of a principal class employee on the expiry or termination of their contract of employment.

Where a principal class employee’s contract is terminated or expires, the principal (with respect to an assistant principal) or the Regional Director (with respect to a principal) may direct the employee to carry out any of the duties of a position in the principal class for up to 12 months without that employee entering a further contract. Where this occurs the employee is entitled to receive the salary that applied to that employee’s former position.

The Leading Teachers and Learning Specialists Renewal Guidelines provide information regarding the salary of a leading teacher or learning specialist on the termination or expiry of the teacher’s tenure.

Remuneration — Teaching Service or salary on contract or tenure expiry

Reviewed 12 June 2024

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