In any particular case, the principal may approve a remuneration or salary for a person on employment, transfer or promotion that is higher than set out in the Remuneration on employment, transfer or promotion chapter, in order to attract that person to a position.

The principal will consider each case on its merits having regard to factors such as:

  • the degree of difficulty in attracting a suitable person
  • the current salary or remuneration of the person
  • opportunities for future salary or remuneration increases
  • relativity with the salary or remuneration levels of other employees performing similar duties
  • the level of skill, experience and qualifications which the person may possess

The remuneration or salary determined cannot exceed the maximum remuneration or salary of the classification level and salary range (where applicable) of the position.

Alternatively, a principal may consider using a special payment as an incentive to attract a person to a position in the teacher, paraprofessional or education support class. For more information, please refer to Special Payments.

Attraction and Remuneration — Teaching Service

Reviewed 23 June 2023

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