Quick guides to supporting students with disability

School staff will be working with families and ensuring educational, wellbeing and engagement supports are in place. This is a focus for Term 3 and 4 so that students are connected with learning and engaged in a positive transition into 2022.

Quick guides are available to share key information, guidance and resources for supporting students with disability. This includes a guide that can be shared with parents and carers.

To access these guides, refer to:

Supporting Students with Additional Learning Needs

The Department's resource Supporting Students with Additional Leaning NeedsExternal Link provides comprehensive information for schools, including further guidance, teaching materials and programs available to support students with additional learning needs. It also contains specific information on Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD).

Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities Program

For further information on the Inclusive education for students with Disabilities program, refer to Inclusive education for students with disabilitiesExternal Link .

For an Easy English version of the Inclusive Education Policy, refer to:

Transition support for students with disability

The provision of quality educational, wellbeing and engagement supports is essential for students with disability to successfully achieve a confident and cohesive transition. Key transition points include Kindergarten to Grade Prep, Grade 6 to Year 7, and final year students transitioning to post-secondary options.

For further information refer to:

Supported Inclusion Schools Operational Manual

Supported Inclusion Schools Operational ManualExternal Link – A Supported Inclusion School is a mainstream school with additional professional capabilities and facilities designed to cater to a higher proportion of students with significant disability. Students with disability are provided enhanced support to receive high quality, evidence-based educational provision alongside mainstream students in a safe, accessible and supportive environment. The manual supports school principals and the Department’s regional and central staff to implement the Supported Inclusion Schools model.

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