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Student medical information

Schools must provide parents or carers with the opportunity to vary any medical information previously given to the school before any excursion.

Confidential Medical Information Form

A confidential medical information form must be completed by parents or carers before any excursion involving an overnight component, an adventure activity or any travel via air or water.

Schools must:

  • ensure that the teacher-in-charge has immediate access to either hard copy or electronic versions of the medical information forms on the excursion
  • ensure these forms are available to other excursion staff in emergency situations
  • keep copies of the forms at the school.

Schools should use the recommended Confidential Medical Information Form for Excursions (Word).

Schools may require additional medical information depending on the nature of the activities undertaken.

Chapter in the Excursion Guidelines outlining requirements relating to student medical information

Reviewed 25 November 2021

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