School operations


including camps and adventure activities


All excursions must be approved by the principal.

For local and day excursions the process for obtaining principal approval is determined by the school.

For excursions that include an overnight component, adventure activities, interstate, overseas or travel by air or water, a completed Excursions – Principal approval request form (DOCX) must be submitted to the principal. This approval form includes detailed information that may be needed in an emergency such as:

  • the exact location of the excursion participants at all times, including during travel
  • the relevant contact number/s through which excursion staff may be reached in an emergency
  • the names and family contact details for all students and staff.

Additional to the approval form, the following documentation must be submitted to the principal:

  • copies of the parental consent and medical advice forms of students
  • a copy of the risk register
  • a copy of the emergency response plan (if required).

This documentation must be approved by the principal prior to the excursion starting.

To support planning and to ensure all staff have met their responsibilities, use the Excursions and camps planning checklist (DOCX).

The principal is responsible for the approval of the operational requirements, including the risk register, for all excursions.

School council approves the excursion in so far as it relates to the school’s budget, the parent payments policy or entering into any contract or other such agreement with a third party, as these aspects of excursions fall within the scope of school council powers and functions. If appropriate, principals can consult with school council on other aspects of excursions.

Joint-school activities

Where there is a joint activity involving another school, the above requirements apply to both schools.

The nominated coordinating principal or teacher ensures:

  • planning and approval requirements are met
  • parents/carers are informed that their children may be supervised by teachers and other approved adults from the other school.

Note: All schools involved in a joint excursion, must complete an online notification of school activity form in the Student Activity Locator.

Required approvals for staff

The Regional Director is responsible for approving all interstate and overseas travel for Department employed staff (including principals), where those staff are accompanying students on excursions.

A School Travel Application Form must be submitted online to the relevant travel approver for interstate and overseas travel for Department employed staff. See the Department's Travel Policy and Travel Rules of Use – School-based Staff, for more information.

Cancellations or alterations

The principal approves cancellations or alterations to excursion arrangements.

Chapter in the Excursion Guidelines outlining excursion approval processes and requirements

Reviewed 09 December 2021

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