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Disability Inclusion Profile

Appealing a profile outcome

School principals can appeal the outcome of a profile on the following grounds:

  • there were procedural deficiencies in the profile and Tier 3 funding process
  • there is new and substantial information that was not considered in the profile process.

Requesting an appeal

To seek an appeal, the principal must be able to substantiate that there was a procedural deficiency or demonstrate that there is new and substantial information that was not considered in finalising the original profile. Schools must contact their regional disability coordinator prior to making an appeal and seek their advice and support.

Only one appeal can be submitted per profile outcome.

An appeal must be lodged within 15 school days of receipt of the profile report and school resource notification. Appeals must be submitted to The regional disability coordinator must be copied (cc’d) when the appeal is submitted.

The appeal should contain a cover letter from the school principal clearly stating that it is an appeal and the grounds for appeal. This should include:

  • the nature of the procedural deficiency that has been identified and a clear statement of any alleged procedural deficiencies or
  • the new and substantial information available, what activity/s of the profile this relates to, and why this supports a different level(s) of adjustment in the profile. The new information should be attached to the appeal.

The Director, Disability Inclusion Delivery, or delegate will review all information provided to support an appeal.

Note: An appeal on the grounds of new and substantial information can only occur after the initial profile outcome and is not the same as a request for a subsequent profile or a subsequent profile within 24 months, which can be made at any stage if the there is a significant change in the student’s functional needs in a short period of time (for example, a deteriorating medical condition). Refer to: Requesting the subsequent profile.

Receiving the outcome of an appeal

Once the outcome of the appeal has been determined this will be communicated to the principal as soon as possible.

An appeal on the ground of procedural deficiency

In almost all instances where procedural deficiencies have been identified and confirmed by the Director, Disability Inclusion Delivery, or delegate, the outcome of an appeal will trigger a new profile meeting for the student.

In the case of a profile meeting convened following an appeal, a different facilitator will conduct and facilitate this meeting.

An appeal on the grounds of new and substantial supporting information

Based on an assessment of the appeal on the grounds of new and substantial information, there may be:

  • No change – the supporting information submitted has not changed the level of adjustments within the profile. The school should continue to provide reasonable adjustments to the student to enable their participation at school.
  • Change to level of adjustment – the profile is updated based on new supporting evidence and changes are made to the level (or levels) of adjustment. A new profile report and school resource notification is completed, and the principal is notified as soon as possible of the new funding amount and funding start date.
  • New profile meeting – the supporting information provided demonstrates that it could be helpful to reconvene the profile meeting. The principal will be notified of next steps, and facilitator service will be contacted to arrange a new meeting.

The relevant regional disability coordinator will be notified of the outcome of all appeals.

Includes information on requesting and receiving the outcome of an appeal

Reviewed 09 September 2022

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