School operations

Contractor OHS Management

5. Supervision of contractors

5.1 School engaged contractors

The principal and/or their delegate must retain a general supervisory power over general work undertaken by a contractor.

5.2 Working with Children Checks

A Working with Children Check (WWCC) is not mandatory for all contractors working at schools. A WWCC may be required based on the nature of the work, and the type of contact the contractor will have with children. For further information, refer to the Department's policy on Working with Children and other Suitability Checks for School Volunteers and Visitors.

A WWCC may be required if the contracted work is child-related and involves, or is likely to involve, regular and direct contact with a child, whether or not the contact is not directly supervised by another employee (for example, music lessons or sports coaching). Schools must follow their own local policies and the Department’s Working with Children and Other Suitability Checks for School volunteers and Visitors Policy to determine what checks are required for contractors depending on the work they are performing.

Chapter 5 of the Contractor OHS Management Procedure on supervising contractors, including information on Working with Children Checks

Reviewed 22 December 2022

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