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4. Provision of Safe Work Method Statements for high-risk work

4.1 Centrally or regionally engaged contractors

The relevant area of the department is responsible for obtaining and reviewing the supplied Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and providing a copy to the school, prior to the commencement of works.

4.2 School engaged contractors

The principal and/or their delegate must ensure that a contractor supplies a SWMS or equivalent, prior to the commencement of works, based on the level of risk or as mandated by the department for the following high-risk work:

  • confined space entry
  • demolition works
  • hazardous manual handling
  • hot works (for example, welding)
  • removal or disturbance of asbestos
  • temporary supports for structural alterations
  • tilt-up or precast concrete
  • trenches or shafts deeper than 1.5 metres
  • use of explosives
  • use of hazardous substances and dangerous goods
  • using powered mobile plant (for example, forklift)
  • working at height (2 metres or more)
  • work in tunnels
  • work that is in, on or nearby:
    • artificial temperature extremes (for example, work in an operating cool room or freezer)
    • chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines
    • contaminated or flammable atmospheres
    • electrical installations or services
    • pressurised gas distribution mains or piping
    • roads
    • telecommunications towers
    • water or liquids that pose a drowning risk

If the proposed work requires a SWMS, the works cannot proceed until the principal or their delegate has reviewed and signed the SWMS to verify it has been sighted. A new SWMS will be required if scope of works change.

The principal and/or their delegate is to retain a copy of the completed SWMS and maintain on file.

The Contractor hazard identification and control guide (DOCX)External Link can be used to aid in assessing the quality of a SWMS submitted as part of a contractor approval process.

4.3 Contractors engaged to work in confined spaces

The principal or their delegate and the contractor are to complete, sign and prominently display the Confined space entry permit (DOCX)External Link , authorising entry and completion of works conducted in the confined space.

The principal and/or their delegate are to retain the original copy of the confined space entry permit and maintain on file.

For further information, refer to the Confined Spaces Policy.

Chapter 4 of the Contractor OHS Management Procedure on contractors engaged in high risk work in schools, including in confined spaces

Reviewed 20 May 2024

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