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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

10. Updating the School Strategic Plan

During the process of developing an Annual Implementation Plan (AIP), and over the life of the 4-year School Strategic Plan (SSP), the school may identify a need to adapt the SSP.

Such changes may be required if the school becomes involved in a new major initiative, if a new problem of practice is identified through analysis of evidence, or if the school determines through end-of-year assessment that a new key improvement strategies (KIS) is necessary in order to improve the student outcomes identified in targets.

To modify the SSP:

  • the senior education improvement leader (SEIL) must be consulted and a rationale for the changes presented
  • the school council must be consulted on the changes.

When modifying the SSP:

  • the KIS should not be deleted but modified or added to
  • targets should be edited only where there has been a change in dataset, or when a new dataset has become available.

To modify the SSP following approval from the SEIL and school council, contact to unlock the SSP on the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT) for editing.

Includes the steps involved in updating the School Strategic Plan

Reviewed 02 October 2023

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