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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

9. Annual Implementation Plan monitoring

Regular monitoring and reflection are crucial to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) 2.0 improvement cycle and underpin the successful implementation of the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP).

By reviewing their AIP, the school will be able to leverage implementation successes, respond to challenges and maintain a sharp focus on their targets for improvement.

Schools should complete their mid-year monitoring activities by mid-July. Term 1 and 3 monitoring is optional.

Schools may wish to draw on the following examples of monitoring activities:

  • At a staff meeting, teachers can gather in table groups led by a member of the school improvement team (SIT) or equivalent leadership team to contribute to monitoring one key improvement strategy (KIS) from the AIP.
  • In a series of staff meetings, key staff can present on each of the KIS selected for focus in the AIP. The presenters discuss AIP actions related to the KIS and present evidence of their impact. Depending on the KIS selected and the FISO 2.0 core elements they are linked to, schools may wish to consider inviting student representatives for a portion of the meeting.
  • In faculties or year-level groups, teachers can meet to discuss each KIS selected for focus in the AIP. They can share any contributions they have personally made to the implementation of the KIS, and present evidence of impact within their classrooms. One member of each group records reflections and reports back to the SIT.

Based on the results of monitoring, schools may adjust their plans across the remainder of the year.

Senior education improvement leaders (SEILs) have a key role in supporting school leaders and other school staff to undertake monitoring in the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT) and provide feedback on implementation progress throughout the year.

Actions to complete in SPOT

To complete the monitoring tab for a given term on SPOTExternal Link , schools should:

  • reflect on the implementation of the AIP
  • analyse any new data to monitor progress towards 12-month targets
  • provide commentary on progress and impact to date, identifying any evidence or data used to assess progress and impact
  • identify any enablers and barriers to achieving the outcomes
  • identify any future actions to be undertaken as a result, and document these for future reference.
Information on AIP monitoring including actions to complete in SPOT

Reviewed 02 October 2023

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