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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

6. Engaging staff and the school community in the Annual Implementation Planning process

Some example activities for engaging staff and students in the Annual Implementation Planning (AIP) process include:

  • working in groups, each allocated one key improvement strategies (KIS) selected for focus in the AIP, staff review the success indicators that relate to actions and outcomes and discuss whether the expected changes have been achieved, and whether these have led to improvements in student outcomes
  • creating a display of the KIS selected for focus in the staff room, with student data, lesson plans, and staff meeting minutes attached to the display as evidence
  • creating an ‘evidence wall’ for the illustrations of practice in the staff room where staff can attach evidence to the practices identified, such as photos, policies, sticky notes and learning artefacts
  • printing out and displaying the illustrations of practice for each of the core elements, with staff working in small groups to identify three practices that they regularly observe in the school, and three practices they think that the school could focus on improving next year
  • nominating different staff members to go on a ‘seek and find’ mission for a nominated core element, visiting classrooms, reviewing policies and analysing data, and report back findings at the following meeting
  • dividing staff into table groups and allocating each group one of the KIS selected for focus. Using the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO) 2.0 continua of practice, professional practice notes or other departmental resources, develop a list of possible actions, outcomes and success indicators
  • dividing staff into groups representing students, teachers and leaders and asking them to consider how implementation of the actions would be expected to change their knowledge, skills or behaviours.
Includes example activities for engaging staff and students in the AIP process

Reviewed 03 October 2023

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