5. Travel booking

5.1 Travel booking timeframes

To benefit from the best price of the day, the following timeframes are recommended for travel bookings, wherever possible:

  • intra-state travel (for more than 5 nights) at least 3 days in advance
  • inter-state travel at least 2 weeks in advance
  • international travel at least 3 weeks in advance.

Adequate allowances should be built into the travel approval timeframes for this.

Travel requirements of travellers, however, may be at short notice. In these instances, the travel approver must assure themselves that the short notice is unpreventable.

5.2 Travel booking channels

While school-based travel arrangements may be made through alternative channels, in line with the best price of the day guidance, the most cost‑effective and efficient way to book and manage travel arrangements is to use the TMSC’s online booking tool and this is recommended.

A traveller profile and a user login/password are required for this. New profiles can be set up by contacting travel registrar in the first instance and, if further support is required, the TMSC directly.

For most International trips, a minimum of 3 airline and hotel quotations must be sought before deciding which option to book. The most economical option must be chosen, provided it meets the business objectives of the trip.

5.3 Payment methods

The correct travel charge code(s) must be used when preparing quotes and travel request forms. It is the responsibility of the travellers and the travel approver to ensure correct charge codes are used.

Chapter 5 of the Travel Rules of Use — school-based staff outlining recommended travel booking timeframes and services, and requirements relating to payment methods

Reviewed 27 May 2022

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