2. Travel quotes

2.1 Best price of the day

When assessing travel options, travellers and travel bookers must impartially consider the best price of the day and decisions must not be based on personal preferences for a given travel provider, access to lounges, or the accumulation of reward and loyalty points (including status credits). Refer to the travel policy for a definition of best price of the day.

2.2 Travel management services company (TMSC)

The Victorian Government has appointed a sole travel management services company (TMSC), whose contact details are on the VGPB websiteExternal Link . Using the TMSC provides significant financial and non‑financial benefits to the state, including cheaper average air fares and provision of duty of care and reporting services. Special rates have been negotiated by the state with airlines, hotels and car rental companies which can only be accessed through the TMSC.

Schools-based travellers may use alternative channels to source and book their travel requirements in line with the best price of the day guidelines, but the use of the TMSC is recommended.

2.3 Application of rules

Travellers, travel approvers and travel registrars are responsible for the correct application of these Rules and must identify and report breaches to the travel manager.

2.4 Group travel

If schools elect to use the TMSC, group travel bookings must be made through the same channels as individual travel bookings (via TMSC) unless a prior dispensation has been obtained by the TMSC Category Manager. Refer to: VGPB websiteExternal Link .

Chapter 2 of the Travel Rules of Use — school-based staff outlining requirements relating to travel quotes and using the Victorian Government appointed sole travel management services company

Reviewed 27 May 2022

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